Open House to Discuss Grand Park Road Plan


The residents of Grand Park own their roads and are responsible for maintenance and upgrade of the four roads in the Grand Park community. 

At the 2018 Association Annual Meeting, a Road Committee was appointed to get an evaluation from and engineering firm as to the condition and life of the roads and to develop options when repaving would be appropriate. The second mandate of this committee was to develop a plan that would assure that Association road reserves would be sufficient to pay for the repaving when it was required.

The Road Committee and POA leadership will host an Open House at 10 am on October 2nd at the Rainbow Springs Community Center to discuss this plan.

To aid in understanding this plan, some background information has been posted on the Grand Park web site.  Click on the following links to access each of these documents

The bottom line of this plan is to add an additional 20 dollars a year to the road reserve so that we will have enough money to pave the roads in at the appropriate time.  We look forward to your attendance at the October 2nd Open House at the Rainbow Springs Community Center.

Grand Park Road Committee