Gibbs-Czerwinski Landscape and Maintenance Guide for
Rainbow Springs Beach Park

In 2012 the Rainbow Springs Property Owners Association requested that a plan be developed for the Landscape Design and Maintenance of the POA Beach and Park on the Rainbow River. Landscape Architect Paul Gibbs and Environmental Scientist Mike Czerwinski were the principals who created the plan that was presented to the POA in April 2012.

Since 2012 there are many new members of the POA Board. Other community members have gained an interest in the direction of management of the beach and park.

To provide broad access to this information, the Plan and associated Appendices have been scanned and posted on this web site. They are in pdf format that can be viewed with the popular free Adobe pdf reader.

The table below lists each of the doucments with the title and approximate file size. Some may take a few moments to download.

  Landscape and Maintenance Guide for Rainbow Springs POA River Beach Park
(10.3 MBytes)
  Appendix A - Resource Protection (10.6 MBytes)
  Appendix B - Aquatic Plant Management Permit (2.3 Mbytes)
  Appendix C - Rainbow Springs State Park Management Plan Excerpts (4.1 MBytes)
  Appendix D - Recommended Plants (26.2 MBytes)
  Appendix E - Pruning Guide (7.7MBytes)
  Beach Plan Statement of Work (0.5 MBytes)